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The Case for Videos of All Lengths

We hear it all the time. Attention is fragmented, especially on mobile. The average dwell time on an ad on Facebook is 1.7 seconds.  As


Outstream Summit Manchester Recap

This Tuesday (17th July), we hosted our second ever Outstream Summit Manchester.  Last year’s event was the first UK summit to be held outside of

What’s the formula for effective video ads?

Last week, comScore announced that online ads on ‘premium’ websites often perform better than those placed on other, less premium websites. The study analysed display

Tune Into Teads Talks

  At Teads, we take pride in working alongside leading publisher and media professionals who, each and every day, address the most critical, exciting topics

Teads Academy is Now in Session

  Managing today’s business while keeping pace with tomorrow’s buzzwords is a never-ending challenge in the online advertising industry. To simplify this demanding effort, the team at

Teads Hits Record Video Reach

    At Teads, we’re passionate about providing clients with the best service, video inventory, and products that the digital advertising industry has to offer.