inRead Video

Outstream video inserted into the heart of editorial content. Our flagship format.

inRead 360

The first 360-degree native video experience, allowing a totally immersive experience resulting in more engagement and brand awareness.

inRead Live

Live streaming broadcast through Teads’ inRead landscape player in the heart of editorial content

inRead Flow

Different image frames are revealed while the user is scrolling the content.

inRead Carousel

A showcase of different products, each with its own link.

inRead Canvas

With the touch of a button, your audience will engage in a full screen, seamless experience. Allow consumers to view all your products in this viewable mobile presentation.

inRead Swing

Image frames are layered to display the creatives. Tilt your smartphone or use your mouse to reveal the different frames for an interactive and engaging experience.

inRead Scroller

A creative that reveals itself while the user is scrolling the content.

inRead Cinemagraph

Living photography: an image with a subtitle and elegant animation.

inRead Slideshow

A creative that automatically reveals itself.

Why inRead?

The original outstream format, placed in the heart of editorial content. Now available for both video and display, inRead provides a viewable, brand safe and fraud-free experience.

Key Features


We work exclusively with high quality publishers.

Brand safe

We use keyword filtering to eliminate unsafe environments.


Our ads only play when in view and are always sound off by default, respecting the user.

Viewable by design

Our ads only launch when 50% in view.


We have partnered with IAS, Moat and DoubleVerify to offer fraud-free inventory.

Committed To Viewability